• Writer & Content Strategist

    Looking for quality, search-optimized copy that converts to sales? Trying to find the best way to reach your audience? I offer a number of freelance services including web site copy, social media engagement, search engine optimization, digital marketing copy, and strategic planning.

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  • Spoken Word Poet

    I recite spoken word poetry under the name Fluxx, aka Sisyphus the Ridiculous. Although I haven’t performed in several years, I’ve recently begun writing again. Once I compile enough material for a full set, I plan to start performing at coffee houses and libraries in the Cincinnati area.

  • Charitable Giver & Volunteer

    I enjoy volunteering, making microloans through Kiva, and participating in charitable events like Relay for Life and Buddy Walk. I’ve also organized and promoted several charitable events to help raise funds for sick friends, needy community members, and deserving nonprofit organizations.

About Rex Vining

I’m a freelance web writer and content strategist with nine years of marketing experience in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. My specialties include social media, content marketing, e-commerce marketing, and digital promotions. I also enjoy volunteering, biking, camping, and spoken word poetry.


Looking for a professional with online marketing experience? I’ve worked in a variety of marketing positions—both online and off. I’ve also organized and promoted several unique events. Check out my resume to get an overview of my work history and applicable skills.

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Writing Samples

Want to know how to get compelling copy for your next project? Don’t hire a new copy writer until you’ve had a chance to examine their work. I’ve written for a variety of online marketing channels, from blog posts to banner ads. Take a look at my collection of samples and see what I have to offer.

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Freelance Services

Need assistance with your online and digital marketing efforts? I offer a variety of freelance services, including website copy, social media engagement, search engine optimization, digital marketing copy, strategic planning, and more. Click the following link for more information.

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